The MediaWINDOW-20 by PALAMI, introduced in 2017, is a groundbreaking patented product that stands alone in the world of technology. This innovative transparent LED display, specifically deployed for the Tallinn Viru Keskus shopping mall, features LEDs embedded within laminated glass, requiring no additional electronic components.

PALAMI Group Transparent LED Media Window Displaying Video Content Mobile Resolution
PALAMI Group LED Media Window Diodes Installed Inside Of Window Laminated Glasses


With an expansive area of 50 square meters, LED Media Window boasts an unprecedented 99% transparency and a remarkable resolution of 2500 pixels per square meter. The impressive 99% transparency means that the MediaWINDOW-20 allows nearly all light to pass through, maintaining a clear view of the surroundings while displaying vibrant and detailed visuals. At the same time, the high resolution of 2500 pixels per square meter ensures that images and videos are rendered with exceptional clarity and precision. This combination of size, transparency, and resolution sets a new standard in transparent video display technology, offering a visually stunning platform for showcasing dynamic content in various environments.



This innovative display features LEDs embedded within laminated glass, achieving an extraordinary 99% transparency. The integration of LEDs directly into the glass substrate allows light to pass through almost unhindered, resulting in a display that appears virtually transparent when not actively showing content. 


square meters

The MediaWINDOW-20 by PALAMI boasts an expansive display area of 50 square meters, making it one of the largest and most versatile transparent LED displays available. This substantial size allows for impactful visual presentations and immersive experiences, whether used in retail environments, architectural installations, or public spaces.

Image of PALAMI Group LED Media Window Project Brochure Mobile Resolution
PALAMI MediaWINDOW video display can effectively showcase dynamic video content with the same level of functionality and performance as traditional video screens.

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PALAMI Group LEDs Embedded Directly Within Laminated Glass of LED Media Window


Functioning as a comprehensive video screen, the MediaWINDOW-20 can showcase both pre-produced video content and real-time video streams. Its integration within laminated glass ensures a seamless blend of technology and aesthetics, making it ideal for applications where transparency and high-resolution displays are essential. The LEDs are embedded directly within the laminated glass, without the need for any additional electronic components, preserving the sleek and unobtrusive design of the display.

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