Indoor LED screen, shopping center, Riga, Latvia

In 2016, an indoor LED screen of standard indoor type was installed on the ground floor of the Spice shopping center, strategically positioned near an open aquarium. This unique placement necessitated the implementation of moisture protection technology to safeguard the screen from the surrounding environment.

PALAMI Group High Resolution Indoor LED Video Wall Display In Shopping Center Mobile Resolution
PALAMI Group LED Indoor High Quality Video Display Installed In Open Book Design Mobile Resolution


Configured in a "book-style" arrangement, two LED media screens stand side by side, each measuring 1920 mm by 1920 mm. With a pixel pitch of 6 mm, these LED video wall displays boast a resolution of 320 pixels in height and 640 pixels in width, providing crisp and detailed visuals to captivate viewers.


mm pixel pitch

This LED screen provided high image clarity and detail, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Whether displaying advertising content, informational materials, or creative works, each pixel contributed to a bright and accurate representation of the content.


pixels resolution

This LED screen offers a detailed and crisp visual experience. Each pixel contributes to the overall clarity and sharpness of the displayed content, ensuring that images, videos, and text appear with precision and definition. This resolution provides ample detail for various applications, from advertising to informational displays and artistic presentations, making the screen versatile and effective for a wide range of uses. 

Image of PALAMI Group Indoor LED Screen Installed In Shopping Center Brochure Mobile Resolution
The implementation of moisture protection technology underscores the commitment to quality and durability, allowing the indoor LED screens to thrive in challenging indoor environments while delivering captivating visual experiences to audiences.

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PALAMI Group Indoor LED Video Display Installed In Opened Book Design


Covering a combined area of 7.4 square meters, these LED screens serve as an eye-catching platform for displaying advertisements, promotions, and informational content to shoppers. Equipped with standard moisture-resistant modules typically found in LED indoor displays of this type, these video screens offer enhanced protection against humidity and moisture, ensuring reliable performance in the vicinity of the open aquarium.

Indoor LED screen

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