Outdoor LED Display at Origo shopping center

In the year 2020, a street LED display was installed within the premises of the Origo shopping center, constructed using outdoor technology. Despite being indoors, this LED screen boasts outdoor brightness, allowing it to display video content visible from the street even amidst direct sunlight exposure within the Origo shopping center.

PALAMI Group LED Video Display Screen Installed In Origo Beside Window Mobile Resolution
PALAMI Group LED Media Screen Installed Behind Window In Origo Supermarket Mobile Resolution


With a mere 2.5mm pixel pitch, this LED wall display defies convention, offering a level of detail and clarity unseen in typical outdoor media displays. Stretching an impressive 3 meters in height and spanning 6.5 meters wide, it commands attention with its massive 19.5 square meter presence. The resolution, an astonishing 1200 pixels high by 2600 pixels wide, ensures every image and video is rendered with stunning precision.


mm pixel pitch

An incredibly diminutive size for an outdoor display, this LED display defies the norms of conventional street signage.


square meters

This LED video screen commands attention with its expansive canvas, creating an immersive visual experience that captivates all who encounter it.

Image of PALAMI Group LED Media Video Wall Brochure in Origo Mobile Resolution
While LED display is installed indoors within the shopping center, its primary objective is to attract the attention of pedestrians and passing vehicles outside.

New opportunities 

Thanks to its high brightness, it effectively broadcasts advertising messages and video content onto the street, despite the ambient light within the shopping center.

New opportunities 

PALAMI Group High Brightness LED Screen Installed In Shopping Center


But what truly sets this LED display apart is its innovative use of a light-absorbing surface. This feature not only enhances visibility but also elevates the viewing experience to new heights, making every moment spent in its presence an unforgettable visual spectacle.

Outdoor LED Display

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