Outdoor LED display, Brīvības 132, Riga

The introduction of the Outdoor LED display with PALAMI Front Outdoor technology in 2017 marked a significant milestone in the field of display innovation. With a vast area of 20 square meters, LED screen became a standout feature, offering an expansive canvas for captivating content delivery in various environments.

PALAMI Group Ourdoor LED Wall Display On Brivibas Street Distant View Mobile Resolution
PALAMI Group Ourdoor LED Wall Display On Brivibas Street Closer View Mobile Resolution


Covering an expansive area of 20 square meters, this Outdoor LED display provided a vast platform for immersive content delivery, instantly becoming a focal point in any environment. With a resolution of 480 (h) х 416 pixels, LED video wall ensured impeccable clarity and precision in every visual element, guaranteeing that each image, video, or message displayed was rendered with striking detail.


square meters

A notable feature of this pioneering technology was its lightweight design, making installation and maintenance convenient. Despite its substantial size, the display's portability and ease of handling expanded the range of potential installation sites, allowing for greater flexibility in implementation.


pixel resolution

The Outdoor LED display delivered crisp and detailed visuals, thanks to its high pixel resolution. Each pixel contributed to the overall clarity and sharpness of the displayed content, ensuring that images, videos, and text were presented with exceptional precision and definition. Whether viewed up close or from a distance, the 480 (h) x 416 pixel resolution guaranteed that content was displayed with breathtaking clarity and detail.

PALAMI Group Outdoor LED Display On Brivibas Street Brochure Mobile Resolution
The display boasted a specially designed light-absorbing surface, significantly enhancing image contrast and color vibrancy.

New opportunities

This innovative feature ensured that visuals stood out vividly against any backdrop, whether under the glare of daylight or amidst the darkness of night.

New opportunities 

PALAMI Group Outdoor LED Display Installed On Wall In Brivibas Street


One of the standout features of this groundbreaking technology was its lightweight construction. Despite its substantial size, LED video display remained remarkably lightweight, simplifying both installation and maintenance processes. This not only streamlined deployment but also widened the range of potential installation locations, providing greater flexibility and versatility.

Outdoor LED display

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