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33 Patents by Palami Group

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Leading LED Innovations

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More than 30 years of proven expertise and reliability

At PALAMI Group, we're highly dedicated to top-notch LED technology. We've taken LED displays, flexible displays and media facades to new heights with a focus on quality both for indoor and outdoor solutions. Our products aren't just LED screens; they're immersive experiences that go beyond imagination.

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We are creators who inspire, masters of innovations, and experts in media display design

As experts in our field, we focus on custom LED solutions that turn stadiums into vibrant venues, sports arenas into immersive realms of excitemen, stages into creative platforms, and architectural areas into dynamic art displays.

We offer

Our core ingredients

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To deliver LED solutions which light up the world, leaving an indelible mark of sophistication and innovation.

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To create an unparalleled visual experience to discerning users worldwide through LED technology.

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Prioritize customer satisfaction, embrace accountability, pursue outstanding performance.

On a yearly basis, we patent and introduce at least one revolutionary unique LED product to the market.

Our achievements

We were the first to introduce LED flexible curtain stage products to the market.

Our achievements

We produce extremely slim and quick to assemble LED mobile screens.

Our achievements

Our LED products are traded all over the world and the growing number of countries use our supreme quality services.

Our achievements

We are socially responsible by creating energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED technology.

Our achievements

Leaders of global LED technology market for more than a quarter of a century

Our LED products don't just span continents; they ignite passion and vision wherever they go. Our journey is a testament to our unwavering commitment to progress and excellence, and it is this journey that has culminated in our status as unrivaled experts in our field.

It's not just about LD technology; it's about trust. We have nurtured a relationship of trust with our clients over these 30 remarkable years. Their faith in us is the cornerstone of our success. At PALAMI Group, we're more than just a supplier; we're your collaborative partners, contributors to excellence, and supporters of your aspirations.

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Exceptional technical support team

We don't just assist customers; we treat them like family. Our dedicated support staff is committed to helping you resolve any issues promptly and efficiently. Whether it's troubleshooting technical problems or providing guidance, our team is here to ensure your experience with us is seamless and enjoyable.

Decade-long durability

None of the LED displays in our designed products have experienced any malfunctions, even after operating continuously for over 10 years in a 24/7 regime and enduring various weather conditions.

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Release your style with PALAMI Group

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Why clients choose us?

We always strive to find the best solution for our clients, while offering unique and supreme quality products along with our professional services and complete support.

As we produce products of the utmost excellence with the highest quality, our products have a long life span. Moreover, they are manufactured by using state-of-the-art production methods and top quality materials.


We offer unique LED solutions and favorable cooperation conditions

Our LED products are available for purchase through PALAMI Group, a trusted company globally specializing in the production, trade, warranty, and post-warranty service of LED displays and advertising space. With our expertise, we provide tailored and innovative solutions to meet our customers' needs.


We are a competitive company shaping the future of LED technologies

Above all we carry out scientific researches and design unique products. Our R&D Department has highly motivated and outstanding experts in this field, thus allowing us to offer innovative LED solutions and designs every year.

Our history
PALAMI Group RGB LED Display Panel With RGB Diodes



Our company created the first full-color LED display by introducing a blue LED developed by the Japanese company Nichia.

Image Of PALAMI Group Outdoor LED Screen Installed On Metal Construction


Unique Discovery

We successfully developed outdoor LED displays with the smallest pixel size of 17 mm, which was a unique achievement that had not previously been available on the world market.

Transformative LED displays by PALAMI Group


Transparent Vision

Our company introduced an innovative transparent LED screen module, which significantly expanded our ability to create LED screens in front of windows, providing customers with the opportunity to see the street from inside the room and at the same time increasing the scope of our services.

PALAMI Group LED Flex Display Back Side


Flexible LED Displays

First flexible LED displays were created, designed specifically for use on stage and in show business. This landmark event in the world of technology and entertainment has opened up new horizons for creativity and the visual arts, providing artists and filmmakers with unique opportunities to bring their ideas and visions to life using different forms and shapes of LED panels.

PALAMI Group LED Media Cube In Sport Arena


Round-Edge Media Cube

For the first time a round-edge LED Media Display Cube was created, intended for use in sports and exhibition arenas. This significant moment paved the way for new technological advances in the field of multimedia equipment for events and sports competitions.

PALAMI Group LED Outdoor DOOH Display


Energy-Saving Mode

A LED module for energy saving was developed. This innovative module represents a technological advancement that aims to optimize energy consumption and improve energy efficiency. This significant step in energy conservation is an example of engineering progress being implemented to reduce negative environmental impacts and improve quality of life.

PALAMI Group LED Media Pylon Display On Street


Keep Innovating

First innovative LED Media Pylon was developed, representing a significant achievement in the field of engineering technology and design. This unique advertising digital totem is the result of intensive research and creativity in creating infrastructure solutions. This important moment in the history of engineering became the starting point for new research and development in the field of creating more sustainable and efficient structures.

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