Historical Object

The historical clock underwent a remarkable transformation into a contemporary environmental spectacle featuring a cutting-edge four-sided LED Display PALAMI-FrontANGLE-4.81, boasting specially designed cut corners seamlessly connecting the display surfaces into a unified system, devoid of any gaps.

PALAMI Group Four Sided LED Video Display Laima Clock In Riga
PALAMI Group Four Sided LED Video Display Laima Clock In Riga Entire Size

Innovative achievement

In 2016, it pioneered the world's smallest outdoor pixel pitch, boasting an unprecedented 4.8mm pixel pitch. This groundbreaking achievement heralded the era of unparalleled clarity and definition in outdoor displays. With its minuscule size, it showcased the tiniest point in the world, delivering images with remarkable precision and detail. Additionally, it introduced an innovative design feature: 90-degree invisible corners without strips. This seamless integration eliminated visual distractions, offering viewers a truly immersive experience without compromise.



Invisible corners without strips.


mm pixel pitch

The world's smallest outdoor pixel pitch.

Image of PALAMI Group LED Display Project Laima Clock Brochure Mobile Resolution
This pioneering LED display set a new standard for outdoor displays, pushing the boundaries of technology and redefining what was possible in visual communication.

New opportunities 

PALAMI Group Four Sided Seamless LED Screen


The impressive brightness was complemented by a special light-absorbing surface, enhancing viewing quality and minimizing glare. Together, these features elevated the viewing experience to new heights, captivating spectators with stunning clarity and brightness.

Laima Clock

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