Indoor LED screen, shopping center SPICE, Riga, Latvia

The indoor LED screen, commissioned in 2016 for the SPICE shopping center in Riga, Latvia, introduced Palami Flex Modal technology to the forefront of display solutions. This pioneering screen featured a flexible design, capable of both convex and concave curvature, allowing it to seamlessly adapt to various configurations. This flexibility enabled the screen to form a smooth and immersive display, devoid of any flat surfaces, creating a visually captivating experience for viewers.

PALAMI Group High Resolution Indoor LED Display Installed In Supermarket Mobile Resolution
PALAMI Group LED Indoor Video Display Slightly Curved Installed In Shopping Center Mobile Resolution


Featuring an expansive LED screen size measuring 2240x5760 pixels and a pixel pitch of 6.67 mm, the PALAMI Group's LED display offers remarkable clarity and detail. With a resolution of 336 pixels in height by 864 pixels in width, our groundbreaking technology ensures that every pixel contributes to the overall brilliance of the displayed content. Whether showcasing advertisements, informational messages, or artistic visuals, our LED video wall guarantees a captivating viewing experience that leaves a lasting impression.


mm pixel pitch

With a pixel pitch of 6.67 mm, the screen provided a balance between resolution and viewing distance, ensuring clear and detailed visuals for viewers both nearby and at a moderate distance.


pixel resolution

This resolution ensured that the screen could display content with exceptional clarity and detail, making it suitable for various applications such as advertisements, informational displays, and multimedia presentations. Each pixel contributed to the overall sharpness and precision of the displayed content, providing viewers with an immersive visual experience.

Image of PALAMI Group Indoor LED Video Display In Spice Shopping Center Brochure Mobile Resolution
The uniquely flexible nature of the screen allowed for creative and dynamic installations, making it a versatile choice for indoor display applications.

New opportunities

Despite its ability to bend and curve, the screen remained lightweight and easy to install, further enhancing its appeal.

New opportunities

PALAMI Group Indoor Flex LED Video Display Cabinet


The LED screen's ability to deliver stunning visuals with exceptional clarity made it a focal point within the SPICE shopping center, captivating the attention of visitors and enhancing the overall ambiance of the space. In essence, this indoor LED media screen represented a convergence of cutting-edge technology, versatility, and aesthetic appeal, setting a new standard for indoor video display solutions.

Indoor LED screen

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