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Experience the grandeur of the largest LED media display adorning the bustling streets of Riga, Latvia—the PALAMI-FRONT-16, boasting an expansive area exceeding 115 square meters! Mounted majestically on a prominent wall at one of Riga's busiest intersections, near the junction of Marijas and Satekles streets, this dazzling LED video screen captures the attention of drivers, public transport commuters, and pedestrians alike. With approximately 680,000 pairs of eyes beholding its brilliance each day, this unique LED video wall stands as a beacon of technological marvel.

PALAMI Group Outdoor LED Giant Video Wall Display On Building Wall

New standard

In 2017, a groundbreaking LED display emerged, boasting an innovative construction. This module featured a lightweight, fanless design with front-facing maintenance access and passive cooling. It redefined expectations with its slim profile and whisper-quiet operation. A symbol of technological prowess, it set a new standard for visual media displays, captivating audiences worldwide.


square meters

LED display area.



Very light weight.

Image Of PALAMI Group Outdoor Giant LED Video Screen Brochure Mobile Resolution
This LED display boasted unparalleled image contrast and a brightness exceeding 6500 nits, ensuring vivid and lifelike visuals even in the most challenging lighting conditions. 

New opportunities 

PALAMI Group Outdoor LED Video Screen Displaying Advertising


Complementing its impressive luminosity was a specialized light-absorbing surface, enhancing viewing quality and minimizing glare. Together, these features elevated the viewing experience to new heights, captivating audiences with breathtaking clarity and brilliance.

Marijas LED Display 

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