Indoor LED screen, shopping center SPICE, Riga, Latvia

In 2016, Palami Group introduced yet another indoor screen for the SPICE shopping center. The indoor LED screen covers an area of 17.7 square meters. This expansive size provides a generous canvas for captivating visual content, making it a prominent feature within the SPICE shopping center. With its large display area, the screen offers ample space to showcase advertisements, informational messages, and engaging multimedia content, ensuring maximum impact and visibility for viewers.

PALAMI Group Very High Resolution Advertising LED Media Screen Mounted On Handrails In Sopping Center Mobile Resolution
PALAMI Group Indoor High Quality LED Media Video Display In Supermarket Mobile Resolution


Our LED video screen, boasting a size of 2304x7680 pixels, features standard technology with a 6mm pixel pitch and a resolution of 384 pixels in height by 1280 pixels in width. Renowned for its exceptional display quality, LED display delivers crisp and vibrant images, making it an ideal choice for various applications.


mm pixel pitch

With a pixel pitch of 6mm, LED indoor screen delivers sharp and clear visuals, ensuring that images, videos, and text are displayed with precision and detail. This optimal pixel density makes the video wall suitable for various indoor applications, providing viewers with an immersive and engaging visual experience.


pixel resolution

This resolution ensures that the LED screen can render content with exceptional clarity and detail, making it ideal for displaying high-definition images and videos. Each pixel contributes to the overall sharpness and precision of the displayed content, the high resolution allows for the effective presentation of text and graphics, making LED video display suitable for a wide range of indoor applications, including advertising and information display.

Image Of PALAMI Group Very High Resolution LED Display Brochure
Its user-friendly design ensures hassle-free setup and upkeep, making it a practical and efficient solution for indoor display needs.

New opportunities 

Despite its impressive performance, the screen remains lightweight, facilitating easy installation and maintenance.

New opportunities 

PALAMI Group Sleek High Resolution Indoor LED Video Wall From LED Panels


The LED screen is sleek, lightweight, and designed for front maintenance. Its slim profile and lightweight construction make it easy to handle and install, while the front maintenance feature simplifies servicing and upkeep. This user-friendly design ensures hassle-free maintenance without the need for complex disassembly, allowing for quick and efficient repairs or adjustments as needed. Overall, the combination of its thin and lightweight build with front maintenance capabilities makes the LED display a versatile and practical solution for various indoor display applications.

Indoor LED screen

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