Media Cube LED Screen at Arena Riga

In 2017, Arena Riga became home to an extraordinary technological marvel: the Media Cube LED screen. This state-of-the-art installation features three separate 360-degree LED screen lines, each with a curved surface, made possible by our innovative PALAMI-FLEX-6 solution. The Media Cube's impressive dimensions and advanced technology make it a standout feature, enhancing the experience of every spectator in the arena.

PALAMI Group LED Media Display Cube In Sport Arena Of Riga Mobile Resolution
PALAMI Group LED Media Cube Showing Sport Match Results In Riga Arena Mobile Resolution

Unmatched visual experience

The LED Media Cube offers a unique and seamless design composed of three curved screen lines, ensuring a captivating visual experience from any angle within the arena. Its rounded corners and ability to display content all around mean spectators won't miss a single moment, no matter where they are seated. Whether it's displaying different images or synchronizing to show the same content across all twelve screens, the Media Cube transforms every event into a spectacular show.


degree viewing

One of the standout features of the Media Cube is its 360-degree viewing capability. This means that no matter where a spectator is seated, they have a perfect view of the screens. The three separate LED screen lines create a continuous visual experience, ensuring that every angle is covered. This innovation allows for an immersive experience that keeps the audience engaged, providing clear and vibrant images that enhance the overall atmosphere of the event.


total pixels resolution

In terms of visual clarity, the Media Cube boasts a total resolution of 912x11136 pixels across its three screen lines. This high resolution, combined with over 10 million pixels and a brightness of 1200 cd/sq.m, ensures that images and videos are displayed with stunning detail and clarity. The large screen size of 148 square meters and a pixel pitch of 6.67 mm further contribute to the exceptional quality of the visuals, making every detail visible from every seat in the house.

Image Of PALAMI Group Rounded LED Media Cube Brochure Mobile Resolution
The PALAMI-FLEX-6 technology behind the Media Cube enables dynamic content delivery, perfect for live sports, concerts, and events.

Cutting-edge technology

PALAMI Group Rounded LED Media Cube Used During Concert In Arena

Ease of maintenance

With indoor specifications and humidity protection, it ensures versatility and reliability, maintaining peak performance even in challenging conditions. Maintenance is a breeze with our special magnet-based front maintenance system. This innovative feature allows easy access to the LED screen's interior without the need to dismantle the entire structure, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum performance. This ease of maintenance means the LED Media Cube can continue to deliver stunning visuals without interruptions, making it a vital component of the Arena Riga experience.

Media Cube LED Screen

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