United National Bank, Cairo, Egypt

At the dawn of 2018, PALAMI GROUP has finished implementing a large scale LED media display project in Cairo, Egypt for United National Bank of Egypt. The project was implemented in cooperation with Egyptian company Fast M Group. The first negotiations about the project started already in summer 2015. The agreement between Fast M Group and PALAMI SIA (Latvia) was concluded in the 14th of March 2016 and was realized in several stages. What followed was a meticulously planned execution spanning several stages, bringing to fruition a vision that transcended borders and boundaries.

PALAMI Group LED Media Display Project In Egypt On United Nation Bank Facade Mobile Resolution

Art lighting solution

The products used in project are PALAMI-MediaLIGHT-25.2 for lighting lines and PALAMI-MediaTUBE-50.2 for LED media screen. Notably, the PALAMI-MediaLIGHT's longest line stretches an impressive 36800 millimeters, showcasing the versatility and sophistication of this state-of-the-art lighting solution.



Total length of 28 lines illuminating the structure with unparalleled brilliance.


square meters

A total area of LED display with measuring 8.8 meters by 6.2 meters, adds a dynamic visual dimension to the facade.

Image of PALAMI Group LED Display Project On Bank Facade Brochure Mobile Resolution
The building’s Media Facade has brought together many modern solutions, becoming the first innovative design facade in Cairo.

New opportunities 

In addition to the unique architectonic elements and photovoltaic facade system, transparent LED display and innovative lighting system have been also installed.

New opportunities 

PALAMI Group LED Lighting Lines Installed On Building Facade


Given the architectural intricacies of the building, adorned with unique ornaments, our team of PALAMI engineers faced a formidable challenge. Their task was to devise specialized mounts that seamlessly integrated with the structure, allowing for the installation of displays and lighting lines without compromising the building's overarching aesthetic concept.



Through relentless dedication and innovative thinking, our engineers rose to the occasion, overcoming obstacles and pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible. The result? A harmonious fusion of technology and tradition, where the essence of the building's design remains intact, while the transformative power of modern solutions takes center stage.

United National Bank

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