LED Outdoor Display

PALAMI LED Outdoor Display — a dependable, top-quality LED video display solution designed for various outdoor LED wall uses, including sports events, advertising campaigns, and entertainment venues. Recognized for its exceptional durability and performance, this LED screen has earned its place as our best-selling video wall product, relied upon by clients globally to deliver compelling visual experiences in any outdoor environment.

  • Available Cabinet Sizes, mm: any size dividable by 160(h) x 320(w), starting from 640(h) x 640(w)
  • Cabinet Depth, mm: 120
  • Cabinet Weight, kg/m2: 45
  • Display Max. 24/7 Power Consumption, W/m2: 800
  • Display Avg. 24/7 Power Consumption, W/m2: 400
  • Operating temperature range, C: -40 ~ +80

About PALAMI LED Outdoor Display

Standard PALAMI LED Outdoor Display

Standard PALAMI LED Outdoor Display – a hassle-free, swift, and cost-effective video wall solution for crafting LED screen tailored to your needs. Simply assemble the required number of cabinets to create a dynamic LED wall platform perfect for advertising or conveying various informational messages.

With its user-friendly LED panel setup and efficient design, this LED display offers a seamless experience, ensuring your content captivates audiences with ease and clarity.



Brightness, cd/m2

> 6500, pixel pitches P5 to P10
> 5500, pixel pitches P2 to P4

IP, front/rear


Refresh Frequency, Hz

> 3840


- Front or Back, pixel pitches P8 and P10
- Back, pixel pitches P2 to P5

Cabinet Material

Galvanized steel and powder painted colour (any RAL)


PALAMI Group Unique LED Video Display Object From LED Panels

Goda Varti

„Goda Varti” („The Gate of Honor”) are dedicated to Latvia’s 100th Birthday. The object is made of PALAMI LED panels that are connected in several planes, creating a three-dimensional object. This is a first project as an environmental art object for PALAMI Group and it has been both a big challenge and honour for us to turn the artists ideas into reality.

PALAMI Group Outdoor LED Display Installed On Wall In Brivibas Street

Brīvības 132

In 2017, PALAMI introduced the Outdoor LED display featuring PALAMI Front Outdoor technology. Spanning 20 square meters, this LED screen became a captivating focal point, delivering immersive content with impeccable clarity and precision at a resolution of 480 (h) x 416 pixels. Each image, video, or message showcased striking detail on this expansive LED video display platform.

PALAMI Group Four Sided Seamless LED Screen

Laima’s clock

The historical clock underwent a remarkable transformation into a contemporary environmental spectacle featuring a cutting-edge four-sided LED Display PALAMI-FrontANGLE-4.81, boasting specially designed cut corners seamlessly connecting LED screen surfaces into a unified system, devoid of any gaps.

PALAMI Group High Brightness LED Screen Installed In Shopping Center


In the year 2020, a street LED display was installed within the premises of the Origo shopping center, constructed using outdoor LED panel technology. Despite being indoors, this LED screen boasts outdoor brightness, allowing it to display video content visible from the street even amidst direct sunlight exposure within the Origo shopping center.

PALAMI Group Large Scale LED Media Display Facade Project

United National Bank

At the dawn of 2018, PALAMI GROUP has finished implementing a large scale LED display project in Cairo, Egypt for United National Bank of Egypt. The products used in project are PALAMI-MediaLIGHT-25.2 for lighting lines and PALAMI-MediaTUBE-50.2 for LED media screen. Notably, the PALAMI-MediaLIGHT's longest line stretches an impressive 36800 millimeters, showcasing the versatility and sophistication of this state-of-the-art lighting solution.

PALAMI Group Outdoor LED Video Wall On Building

Brīvības 196

In 2017, a pioneering project launched the first Outdoor LED video display featuring PALAMI Front Outdoor technology. Covering 42.8 square meters, this LED wall provided an expansive canvas for captivating content delivery, standing out in any environment. With a resolution of 704 (h) x 608 pixels, LED screen delivered impeccable clarity and detail, ensuring precision and sharpness for every displayed image, video, or message.

LED Outdoor Display


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PALAMI Group Outdoor LED Video Screen Displaying Advertising
PALAMI Group High Brightness Outdoor LED Video Display Installed On Building Facade

Empower with LED Outdoor Displays

Experience the formidable power of LED Outdoor Screens — a fusion of economic efficiency, uncompromising quality, and dazzling brightness. With a range of LED panel cabinet sizes to suit every need, these LED video displays stand as beacons of reliability in the realm of outdoor advertising. Harnessing the latest in LED technology, they illuminate the landscape with vivid imagery and dynamic content, captivating audiences and driving engagement. Whether it's a bustling city street or a sprawling outdoor event, our LED video walls shine brightly, delivering impactful messages that resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impression.

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