Micro LED Indoor Display

Introducing PALAMI Micro LED Video Display, the epitome of indoor LED display technology, powered by the latest COB LED technology and engineered to deliver unparalleled visual experiences in LED wall settings demanding ultra-high resolutions like Full HD or beyond. Whether it's the meticulous environments of conference rooms, the critical monitoring of control rooms, the production precision of TV studios, or any space requiring top-tier quality and resolution, PALAMI Micro LED display rises to the occasion.

Recognized for its robustness and outstanding performance, this LED screen serves as our premier video wall product, relied upon by clients globally to provide compelling visual experiences in every indoor environment.

  • Cabinet Size, mm: 480(h) x 640(w), other possible sizes dividable by 480(h) x 320(w)
  • Cabinet Depth, mm: 60
  • Cabinet Weight, kg: 8
  • Display Max. 24/7 Power Consumption, W/m2: 600
  • Display Avg. 24/7 Power Consumption, W/m2: 180
  • Operating temperature range, C: +5 ~ +45

About PALAMI Micro LED Indoor Display

Extremely high resolution PALAMI Micro LED Indoor Display

At the heart of PALAMI Micro LED lies its revolutionary COB (chip on board) LED technology, boasting an incredibly small physical pitch. This cutting-edge innovation not only ensures breathtaking clarity but also fortifies LED screen front side, offering essential protection for its delicate LED panel pixels. The result is a LED wall that effortlessly combines durability with exceptional performance, providing peace of mind in high-traffic environments where pixel damage is a concern.

PALAMI Micro LED Indoor Display, a hassle-free, swift, and cost-effective solution for crafting extremely high resolution LED indoor video wall tailored to your needs.



LED Technology

COB (chip on board)

Brightness, cd/m2

> 600

Viewing Angles




Refresh Frequency, Hz

> 3840


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PALAMI Group Micro LED Display Installed as Ultra High Resolution Video Wall
PALAMI Group High Brightness Outdoor LED Video Display Installed On Building Facade

PALAMI Micro LED: Practical and Convenient

With its lightweight construction and magnetic LED panel attachment system, installation is swift and hassle-free. This intuitive design also enhances maintenance efficiency, allowing for easy access when servicing is required. Moreover, PALAMI Micro LED Display doesn't compromise on visual fidelity. Its high-contrast display ensures vivid colors and sharp images, captivating viewers with every detail. Whether displaying intricate graphics, dynamic videos, or immersive presentations, this LED screen elevates content to new heights, leaving a lasting impression on any audience.

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