Bus Shelter RIGA Rear Section LED Display

Pixel Pitch: P3
Display Side: Single Side Display
Bus Shelter Size: S-Size
Sale price€14.170,00

Introducing the Bus Shelter RIGA Rear Section LED Display – a dynamic addition to our innovative bus stop shelter design. Located within the rear section of the shelter, this LED video display offers a versatile platform for advertising, information dissemination, or artistic expression. With its high-resolution LED screen and customizable content capabilities, it provides an engaging experience for commuters and passersby alike.

Whether you're looking to showcase advertisements, display real-time information, or enhance the urban environment with captivating visuals, our Bus Shelter RIGA Rear Section LED Screen delivers flexibility, impact, and innovation.

  • Display Size, mm: 1920(h) x 1280(w) 
  • Display Diagonal, inch: 90.85
  • Display Area, m2: 2.46
  • Display Avg. 24/7 Power Consumption, kW/month: 185
P2 P2.5 P3
Physical Pixel Pitch, mm 2 2.5 3
Display Resolution, pixels 960x640 768x512 624x416