Bus Shelter OSLO M-Size

Introducing our cutting-edge and innovative Bus Shelter OSLO, designed for modern urban environments with a strong focus on sustainability and advanced technology. Not only does it provide shelter from the elements, but it also serves as a dynamic platform for out-of-home (DOOH) advertising through built-in digital LED video displays.

With its sleek and contemporary design, our smart Bus Shelter OSLO seamlessly integrates into urban landscapes while making a bold statement of innovation. The LED Screens ensure captivating advertising campaigns that enhance the urban environment.

Furthermore, our Bus Stop Shelter OSLO, sized as medium (M), incorporates various sustainable and energy-saving features, including solar bus stop panels to power the timetable display and energy-efficient lighting. Every aspect is meticulously designed with environmental consciousness in mind.

  • Bus Shelter Length, mm: 5600
  • Bus Shelter Depth/Roof Depth, mm: 800/1200
  • Bus Shelter Height, mm: 2500
  • Bus Shelter Area Under Roof, m2: 6.72

The price is valid for a single bus shelter and varies depending on the quantity ordered.

Already Included In Base Set

PALAMI Group Innovative Bus Stop Shelter Bench Seat Icon

Bench Seat

  • 1 Unit Size of 2800x440mm
PALAMI Group Innovative Bus Stop Shelter Built In Ceiling LED Lights Icon

Built-In Ceiling LED Lights

  • 2 Units With Motion and Darkness Sensors

PALAMI Group Innovative Bus Stop Shelter White Section For Transportation Numbering Icon

White Section For Transportation Numbering

  • 2 Units Sizes of 1280x250 or 960x250mm
  • Inner Lighting
PALAMI Group Innovative Bus Stop Shelter Laminated Anti Vandal Glass Icon

Laminated, Anti-Vandal Glass

  • Thickness 6+6mm

About PALAMI LED Media Display

The built-in PALAMI LED Video Display

Our elegant design built-in LED Media Screen delivers crystal-clear images, vibrant colours, and unparalleled clarity, ensuring your message stands out in any outdoor environment.



Brightness, cd/m2

> 6000




Anti-glare 5mm tempered glass

Control and Monitoring System


Internet Router



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PALAMI Group Innovative And Smart Bus Stop Shelter With Digital LED And Timetable Displays
PALAMI Group High Brightness Outdoor LED Video Display Installed On Building Facade

Power of Dynamic DOOH

Experience the advantages of modern and sustainable DOOH advertising, offering not only heightened creativity, flexibility, and targeting, but also the opportunity to quickly start earning revenue from advertising. Immerse your customers in captivating visuals and dynamic content of any format, leaving a lasting impression while unlocking the potential for immediate financial returns.

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