Bus Shelter OSLO (S/M) Side Section LED Display

Pixel Pitch: P3
Display Side: Single Side Display
Bus Shelter Size: S-Size
Akcijas cena€10.620,00

Introducing the Bus Shelter OSLO Side Section LED Display – a cutting-edge feature enhancing our bus stop shelter's versatility and engagement. Nestled within the shelter's side section, this LED video display offers a dynamic platform for advertising, information dissemination, or creative expression. Available in both small (S) and medium (M) sizes to accommodate different spatial requirements, it delivers captivating content to commuters and passersby.

Whether it's showcasing advertisements, providing real-time information, or adding vibrancy to the urban landscape, our Bus Shelter OSLO Side Section LED Screen combines functionality with visual appeal, creating a memorable experience for all.

  • Display Size, mm: 1920(h) x 960(w) 
  • Display Diagonal, inch: 84.51
  • Display Area, m2: 1.84
  • Display Avg. 24/7 Power Consumption, kW/month: 135
P2 P2.5 P3
Physical Pixel Pitch, mm 2 2.5 3
Display Resolution, pixels 960x480 768x384 624x312