LED DOOH Screen, Brivibas 185, Riga

In 2024, PALAMI LED Technologies introduced the PALAMI-DOOH-8, a groundbreaking outdoor LED screen located at 185 Brivibas Street in Riga. Installed for JCDecaux, this state-of-the-art screen significantly boosts their advertising capabilities with cutting-edge technology. 


The energy-efficient LED DOOH Screen achieves unparalleled outdoor advertising excellence. Designed for effortless LED panel setup and exceptional performance, these LED walls deliver sharp images, vibrant colors, and superior clarity, ensuring messages stand out in any outdoor environment. Additionally, the PALAMI-DOOH-8 features the capability to display 3D video content, providing an engaging viewing experience that captivates attention.


LED screen size

The screen features impressive dimensions, providing a large display area that captures attention from afar. This expansive size ensures that content is visible and engaging, making it ideal for high-impact advertising. The vast display area enhances visibility and allows for detailed, vibrant visuals that stand out even in crowded urban environments.


pixels resolution

With an 8mm pixel pitch, the screen ensures crisp and clear visuals, delivering detailed images and vibrant colors that captivate viewers. This high resolution allows for sharp clarity, making it perfect for displaying intricate details and dynamic content with precision.

The energy-saving LED DOOH Video Display is ideal for outdoor advertising strategies.

New opportunities

It provides a perfect platform for marketing products, announcing events, or building brand awareness.

New opportunities


The key advantage lies in the Unified Hub and comprehensive accessories of the LED DOOH Display Cabinets, allowing for universal upgrades without dismantling the video wall. This enables the LED screen to be continuously upgraded with new pixel pitch LED panel matrices while maintaining or even enhancing the video display quality, using the same existing components of the LED display.


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