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Specialized LED Solutions for Sports Industry

Facade / Roof Screen

PALAMI-MediaWINDOW is unique patented product, transparent LED screen with trasparency 90-99% where LED diodes are integrated inside the glass. Turns parts of the facade or roof into a giant video screen, creating an impressive show.

PALAMI-FRONT and PALAMI-SlimFIXED with frontal maintenance are standard screens that can be built in the facade to prevent sports or any kind of commercial information.


Unique patented product PALAMI-HockeyGLASS, transparent LED screen, integrated inside the glass over the boards around the ice rink. Turns all the space above the ice rink into a giant video screen creating an impressive show.

  • Pixel pitch – 40 mm
  • Transperancy - >97%
  • Brightness, Cd/m2, not less than - 1850

Information Video Board

Information video board is the minimum video display for sports events to have. Information video board has multi purpose application - it can be used as a scoreboard, sports event live streaming, as well for advertisements and sponsor updates. PALAMI video boards can be used for any sport starting from football, basketball and sports swimming to hockey and luge racing and any other. They can be placed on a pole, mounted on a wall or on a special construction. 

Information video board can be made of any of PALAMI displays like PALAMI-SlimFIXED, PALAMI-Slim or PALAMI-FRONT, depending on each project specific needs and budget. The display can also be made in a curved shape with PALAMI-FLEX. 

No matter the size of the stadium, trace or arena, PALAMI team is ready for any challenge to create a unique sports experience for the fans and sponsors as out displays are custom design according to your specifications. 

PALAMI screens are one time quality investment that will generate the revenue for many years to come.


Dynamic illumination of steps of all storeys of the Arena transforming all tribune space into a huge video screen made of PALAMI-MediaLIGHT lighting tubes.

PALAMI-MediaLIGHT - lighting decoration product for high glass buildings but can be also adjusted to any other architectural objects. MediaLIGHT can be installed both vertically and horizontally maintaining the brightness and best performance, without any cables hanging in visible location.

Our MediaLIGHT solutions are available in all colours which support transparency, adjusting the color to client’s wishes.

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