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Our projects

01 Historical "Laima" Clock, Riga, Latvia

The historical last clock's reconstruction has transformed it into a modern environmental object with a four-sided LED display and built in sound equipment. The screen used in the project is PALAMI-FrontANGLE-4.81 which already says that screen has front maintenance and special angles as well 4.81 pixel pitch that gives high quality image for viewing comfort and is pleasant to people's eyes.

Historical "Laima" Clock, Riga, Latvia

02 Borisov Arena, Belarus

PALAMI Group installed the system of two full colour video boards in the size of 5.04х8.82 meters each and the pixel step of 15 mm. The new stadium of FK BATE and the system installed on its grounds fully comply with the highest requirements applied by UEFA to similar sites.

Borisov Arena, Belarus

03 Husitska Showroom, Prague, The Czech Republic

Custom Made Lamp made made with light emitting diodes that are installed into 26mm Ø matte tubes. The lighting system consists of a large central lamp with 11 x 11 lighting tubes, each 1 m long, and 4 side lamps, five on each side, each 0,5 m long.

Husitska Showroom, Prague, The Czech Republic

04 RESERVED Store, Minsk, Belarus

Two high resolution LED SMD screens PALAMI-Slim-4 with front service were manufactured, mounted and configured to open the first RESERVED store at the Galleria Minsk Shopping Center.  The screens have a wide viewing angle, comfortable perception from a distance of 4 meters and a specially developed protection against clothing dust, for use in the places of clothing trade.

RESERVED Store, Minsk, Belarus

05 RAHA1, Muscat, Oman

Illumination of a residential building in Muscat, Oman - RAHA1 that includes 358 meters of PALAMI-MediaLIGHT-50.2 tubes installed in a horizontal direction. MediaLIGHT product is operating by showing visual demonstrations with UV stabilized poly-carbonate tubes that are mounted on a building facade with no additional construction.

RAHA1, Muscat, Oman

06 Czizhovka Arena, Minsk, Belarus

The system includes a media cube of four LED screens and two full colour ring lines over and under the media cube, an advertising street screen Palami-RGB-SMD-12.5, LED advertising perimeter and also an advertising complex of the referee equipment according to several sports, including hockey.

Czizhovka Arena, Minsk, Belarus

07 Baku Aquatic Centre, Azerbaijan

Special scoreboard for displaying swimming results in total area of 83 sq meters. The screen has frontal maintanance and a special protection against humidity.

Baku Aquatic Centre, Azerbaijan

08 Evolution Office, Vilnius, Lithuania

PALAMI-SlimFIXED-10 screen mounted in a advertising pylon for broadcasting logos and various ads.

Evolution Office, Vilnius, Lithuania

09 Klondaika Gambling and Entertainment Club, Tukums, Latvia

The 6 mm high resolution LED SMD screen with rear maintenance and a special protection glass cover has been manufactured, installed and mounted at the Klondaika club’s building wall in Tukums, a town in Latvia and is operating as a platform for club’s own advertising content like upcoming events and special offers.

Klondaika Gambling and Entertainment Club, Tukums, Latvia

10 Sigulda Bobsleigh and Luge Track, Latvia

PALAMI-RGB-LED-16 LED screen has been manufactured and installed in area of 70 sqm area and is synchronised with a Swiss Timing refereeing system to facilitate the acquisition and real-time display of luge racing results, racing statistics, and refereeing system data. The screen can also be used for showing sponsor advertisements or other videos.

Sigulda Bobsleigh and Luge Track, Latvia

11 EuroBasket 2015, Riga, Latvia

PALAMI Group had participated in EuroBasket 2015, providing it with its products, maintenance and installation. At the Freedom Monument there were two big screens, each 45 sqm. Moreover in Arena Riga basketball boards were installed in total lenght of 62 meters.

EuroBasket 2015, Riga, Latvia

12 Knack Club, Roeselare, Belgium

A LED set, including 2 full colour light-emitting diode video boards PALAMI-RGB-SMD-16 Outdoor in the size of 3х4 meters each, аs well as a light-emitting diode advertising perimeter PALAMI-SMD-Perimeter-16 64 meters long were manufactured and installed on the home volleyball grounds of the Knack Club.

Knack Club, Roeselare, Belgium

13 Bolero Shopping Centre, Riga, Latvia

Pillar mounted LED screen PALAMI-FRONT at the shopping centre Bolero.

Bolero Shopping Centre, Riga, Latvia