Foorom Shopping Centre, Tallinn, Estonia | PALAMI Group

Foorom Shopping Centre, Tallinn, Estonia

 LED screen of a unique design using PALAMI-LED-Strip with a total area of 24 sq.m. is installed on the building facade of Foorom Shopping Centre. 

In the city of Tallinn, the PALAMI Group implemented a unique project which comprises the installation of a screen of the light-emitting diode mesh PALAMI-LED-Strip with the pixel step of 18.75 mm and in the size of 3.6х6.6 meters on the glass façade of the FOORUM shopping centre. The mounting place did not provide for standard technical solutions since a very thin and light screen was required with the possibility of the front maintenance. The unique design developed by PALAMI as a light-emitting diode mesh enabled the implementation of the project.  The screen was installed directly on the glass facade and externally looks like advertising banners located next to each other. The usage of this design enabled the development of the banner form and making use of all advantages of the light-emitting diode advertising screen, such as dynamic imaging, guarantee of catching attention, possibility of demonstrating a great number of various advertising content, high brightness and many others.