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Shopping Mall Viru Keskus, Tallinn, Estonia

In January 2017 a large scale project of PALAMI-MediaWINDOW-20 was implemented in a cooperation with Hansab AS. The next generation glass screen was installed on a three-story elevator in Viru Keskus Shopping Centre, which has the largest number of visitors in Estonia. We are more than proud to announce it, as it is first this type of project in the whole world, which really works! 

At least 90% Transparency

Despite the small pixel pitch of 20 mm the solution remains transparent at about 90% from the inside of the elevator and is well perceivable when outside approaching from different angles, what makes the screen eye-catching from afar.

Amazing Color Performance

Despite the transparency from the inside of the elevator, the screen has amazing color performance (can reach at least 7400 cd/m2 of brightness if it is necessary and the resolution 2400(W) x 1000 in pixels), that matches the SMD LED screens of the latest technology in the industry with the smallest pixel pitches. Such brightness of the screen can compete with sunlight.


In spite of the high brightness, the solution is energy-saving, what is very important for big size LED screen. The truth is, PALAMI-MediaWINDOW-20 consumes less energy per m2 than any other low consumption screen – only 0,228 kW/m2 as average and 0,57 kW/m2 as the maximum power consumption for the screen with 20 physical pixel pitch. Energy-saving means also environment friendly, that is also a big deal nowadays.

All the above mentioned properties of PALAMI–MediaWINDOW is a result of long-term investment in research and development, that results in innovative, highest quality and patented products like PALAMI-MediaWINDOW. The selected solution for the Viru Keskus elevator is very unique, as it sums up all the properties every customer would like to have for his glass made construction. This type of a screen that has been used for Viru Keskus elevator can definitely be installed also for outdoor performance such as building facades, glass roof and other for commercial and/or illumination purpose.