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Shopping Mall Spice Home, Riga, Latvia

In continuous successful collaboration with SPICE shopping mall a new project was implemented - media screen made of PALAMI-MediaTUBE product was installed on the facade of SPICE HOME building. The screen is almost 60 m2 in size and is used for commercial purpose. The used pixel pitch is 25mm (vertically) and 50 mm (horizontally) ensures perfect image visibility from already 25 meters, there are no gaps visible between the tubes. 

The advantages of PALAMI-MediaTUBE screen are its easy installation and maintenance afterwards, incredibly light weight (only 7 kg/m2 with constructions) at the same time high brightness and protection against the environmental impacts (IP68) and the ability to form curved screen. What is more, the solution can be also installed directly on the windows of the facade, because the solution supports transparency at least for 40% (depending on the chosen pixel pitch). What is more, as each project is developed individually, PALAMI-MediaTUBE can be adapted to almost any project's specification and requirements with the participation of our experienced team of experts