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Shopping Mall Spice, Riga, Latvia

Shopping centre “Spice” in Riga, Latvia has decided to install three high definition screens to improve the shopping centre environment and to reach their consumers at a greater extent. In order to accomplish this, they had decided in favour of PALAMI products, which had reached all the technical requirements from the shopping centre. Shopping centre “Spice” is the most advanced shopping mall in Latvia at the moment when it comes to advertising environment.

All three screens are placed in the key traffic locations to enhance the shopping mood of consumers and the busy environment of the shopping centre. The chosen locations for the displays have great visibility from many angles (also thanks to the wide viewing angle of PALAMI screens).

The installed displays include:

  • PALAMI-Slim with a front maintenance. This display is a special product developed for the project. It has 6 mm pixel pitch and is clearly visible starting from 6 meters distance. The display is placed on the wall in the height of 2nd floor.
  • PALAMI-Slim with back maintenance, 2 pcs. The displays are specially developed for the project. The both displays have 6 mm pixel pitch. They placed in a perpendicular position towards each other behind newly build decorative pool and are exceptionally broadcasting non-commercial content. The displays have outdoor specification due to the moist air that comes from the pool and to increase the brightness of the displays as well.
  • PALAMI-Flex with front maintenance. The display has a curved surface that adapts to the wall placed in the height of 2nd floor. The pixel pitch of the display is also 6 mm which is the best distance to be watched from the first floor.