Office Building KAI 1, Tallinn, Estonia | PALAMI Group

Office Building KAI 1, Tallinn, Estonia

PALAMI Group has finished large scale project in Tallinn, Estonia- media facade for 6th floor office building. LED screen total area 1900m2. It is made from PALAMI-MediaTUBE-50.2. 

PALAMI patented technology of data transmission and power supply enables to show on this media facade elements, which can be displayed only with LEDs. There is not a single control unit, power supply unit, signal distribution unit etc. located on the facade of the building. The PALAMI-MediaTUBE product represents light weight and simplicity of montage elements as well as transparency against the windows.

 This project transforms the simple office building into a large screen where the screen message can be clearly read from 50 m distance.

There are several reasons why to choose PALAMI-MediaTUBE:

  • The construction is extremely simple, light and easy mounting  (up to 6 kg/m2).
  • High quality video resolution in any format (up to 16 million colors and well visible in direct sunlight).
  • The product automatically changes the image brightness depending on weather conditions and is waterproof and UV resistent.
  • Low installation and servicing price.
  • Viewing angle of the display is 120°, what increases the duration of viewing the display thus helps consumers to better percieve the message.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Any size and shape of screen.
  • Easy to change the broadcasting content (can be used for sport, advertisement and entertainment media content).
    Individual and flexible approach to every new project.
  • .... and many more!