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Multi-purpose Venue KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark

KB Hallen lighting installation „The Arc of Light/Buen” is made of PALAMI-MediaLIGHT-25.2 in total length of more than 200 meters.


„The Arc of Light/Buen” is made of six bended PALAMI-MediaLIGHT tubes, each 33 to 35 meters long that are installed on the inside of the building into three aluminium frameworks reflecting the light on the concrete wall. The brightness that the product emits is that bright that is good seen also on the outside through the glass facade.

KB Hallen is a historical venue of the Copenhagen dating back from 1938 that has suffered in a fire attack in 2011 therefore was rebuilt in 2018. The new facade is made out of glass and has an art object just above the main entrance created by light artist Viera Collaro. The purpose of the lighting tubes is to show different moods each day by programming various color compositions in the form of RGB SMD diodes with varying the tempo of the color changes.

KB Hall has been and will be a significant building for thousands of people meeting for sports events, music and other cultural events.

This project is implemented in collaboration with our Danish partners Neon Sign Aps. PALAMI team together with its Danish partners are very proud of the „The Arc of Light/Buen” as it proves the uniqueness of PALAMI products in their brilliance, flexibility, and overall quality and adaptability for every single project.