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Knack Club, Roeselare, Belgium

A LED set, including 2 full colour light-emitting diode video boards PALAMI-RGB-SMD-16 Outdoor in the size of 3х4 meters each, аs well as a light-emitting diode advertising perimeter PALAMI-SMD-Perimeter-16 64 meters long were manufactured and installed on the home volleyball grounds of the Knack Club.

The video boards enable displaying direct broadcasting of the competition, video repetitions, referee information, as well as advertising video clips. The board is made following the most advanced technology SMD, which enables ideal light transmission and the balance of white, as well as maximal viewing angles.
The advertising light-emitting diode perimeter installed at Roeselare is also manufactured following the SMD technology. It is in full conformity with the requirements of the international volleyball federation. Special design of the module enables the adjustment of inclination. The modules have special soft protective pads preventing traumas of players. In addition, the perimeter has unique design developed by PALAMI with the front surface covered by a mask with soft rubber visors over the light-emitting diodes which enable prevention of player traumas in case of collision and serve as additional damping protection for the diodes. The perimeter is structured of a mobile electrical system and transporting cases which makes the mounting, dismounting and transportation of the system convenient and quick.