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Kaunas terminal, Lithuania

PALAMI screens were produced, delivered and installed to Kaunas, the second largest city of Lithuania in a cooperation with HANSAB UAB. Kaunas terminal is the largest terminal in the entire country – it has twice as much passengers as Vilnius terminal – at about 10 000 every day. Within the framework of Kaunas terminal’s reconstruction two different screen designs of PALAMI were installed – PALAMI-DoubleScreen-4.81 and PALAMI-SlimFIXED-15, both of them on the outside of the terminal building.

PALAMI-DoubleScreen-4.81 panels were installed on the outer wall of the terminal building – just above the bus stop platforms, a total number of 11 pieces, broadcasting bus timetable information. As the screen name PALAMI-DoubleScreen itself suggests, the screens are displayed from both sides providing the information in many colors at a high resolution and 130 degrees angle. The chosen pixel pitch is very small - 4.81 mm to ensure good screen visibility of at least five meters distance. This product can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60°C  temperatures, taking into account the large temperature changes during the year, that are typical in the Baltic States. PALAMI-DoubleScreen-4.81 product is specially developed for this unique project, where the total area of the screens is more than 100 square meters.

PALAMI-SlimFIXED-15 is a new generation screen that already has successfully demonstrated itself in other completed projects and is standing out from the others with a particular brightness (8500 nits), screen lightness and flat-panel display (60 mm). The large screen is rising above the bus station over the platforms, demonstrating commercial content material.

The design of both type of screens beautifully matches to the terminal’s special architectural style, easily combining both into a one concept. PALAMI team is proud to contribute in this significant project by providing passengers with notifications and improving the overall well-being with their modern and high quality products.