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Husitska Showroom, Prague, The Czech Republic

PALAMI team has custom designed and produced a decorative lighting system for a showroom in Prague, The Czech Republic in a close cooperation with our client. The light emitting diodes are installed into 26mm Ø matte tubes. The soft light color of the lamp is pleasant for people's eyes.

The lighting system consists of a large central lamp with 11 x 11 lighting tubes, each 1 m long, and 4 side lamps, five on each side, each 0,5 m long.

No PALAMI product can be assimilated with this project, as the distance between the diodes is 33 mm with 1(RGB) pixel configuration and the tubes are installed into special shape and form.

This project shows the unlimited possibilities of PALAMI products  - you can express your individuality by selecting any lighting content and unusual colors and have multilevel control over the lighting system like brightness, color temperature and different lighting effects.

Our highly qualified specialists will implement a project of any difficulty level and at any volume. With more than 26 years of experience we are ready to accept new challenges that lead to beautiful projects.