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M1 Hotel Complex Facade, Belarus

PALAMI has implemented another design project for facades, this time on a new luxury hotel and casino complex "M1" in Republic of Belarus using our innovative product PALAMI-MediaTUBE. Building is located in Republic of Belarus, on 608 km of motorway No. M1/E30 Brest-Minsk-border with Russian Federation.

Total area covered with tubes is around 1200 m2, and we used tubes in total length of more than 4000 m.
LED tubes PALAMI-MediaTUBE-SMD-50.2 are placed in distance of 300 mm from each other. Furthermore - all power supply units and controlling units are located behind the facade, which means that there is no distorted aesthetics of the building with cable crossings, connections and power supplies.

The screen is the second largest that has been implemented by PALAMI using MediaTUBE solution after KAI1 in Tallinn and is demonstrating commercial and informative content to attract people's attention from a long distance.