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Historical "Laima" Clock, Riga, Latvia

Laima Clock is one of the most famous symbols of Riga. It was built in 1924. The Laima Clock is one of the most popular meeting places in the middle of the Riga and Riga guests named after the largest Latvian confectionery producer. Due to its central location, it has become one of the most beloved place in the city and throughout Latvia. The last clock's reconstruction took place at the end of 2017 transforming it into a modern environmental object with a four-sided LED display and built in sound equipment.

The screen has special cut corners, so that the four screen sides can be set in 90 degrees angle in relation to the adjacent screens, connecting the surfaces of the screens into one system without gaps. 

The screen name is PALAMI-FrontANGLE-4.81 which already says that screen has front maintenance and special angles as well 4.81 pixel pitch that gives high quality image for viewing comfort and is pleasant to people's eyes.

The screen can display any visual information including full color video, visualizations and texts. At the moment the screen sides displays logos of Laima and Latvia's Centenary. At the moment the clock counts down to 18 November 2018, Latvia's 100th Birthday. 

The reconstruction of the clock is an important event for the locals who had gathered at the clock opening ceremony on the 29th of December, as well for PALAMI team, as this is the first implemented screen in honor of the centenary of the country. PALAMI is pleased with the project's result and the opportunity to give modern features to this historical object.