Environmental Art Object Goda Varti, Riga, Latvia | PALAMI Group

Environmental Art Object Goda Varti, Riga, Latvia

Environmental Art Object „Goda Varti” („The Gate of Honor”) are dedicated to Latvia’s 100th Birthday.

The object is made of PALAMI LED panels that are connected in several planes, creating a three-dimensional object. This is a first project as an environmental art object for PALAMI and it has been both a big challenge and honor for us to turn the artists ideas into reality.

The LED object can be viewed from all 4 sides from very close distance thanks to the small 8 mm pixel pitch and has special screen edges solution so that the four screen sides can be set in 90 degrees angle in relation to the adjacent screens, connecting the surfaces of the screens into one system without gaps.

The Gate of Honour is a virtual monument which, with the help of modern technologies, allows the monument's content to be changed regularly, thus giving the opportunity to keep track of the important events of the Latvia’s anniversary. The visual content of the gate is planned to be displayed in the long run, telling different story each month.