Czizhovka Arena, Minsk, Belarus | PALAMI Group

Czizhovka Arena, Minsk, Belarus

The system includes a media cube of four LED screens and two full colour ring lines over and under the media cube, an advertising street screen Palami-RGB-SMD-12.5, LED advertising perimeter and also an advertising complex of the referee equipment according to several sports, including hockey.

PALAMI has designed, manufactured and mounted LED system and adapted its unique solutions in Chizovka arena, Minsk.The main hall of the arena is 39 square meter wide and has the capacity of 10 thousand people.

 All LED solutions and referees' control panel system for different sports and media control system are meeting the international requirements of the Ice-Hockey Federation. The referees' control panel system enables convenient operation of as many as 32 video layers at the same time and their easy demonstration on all LED displays installed.

PALAMI has immense experience in the field of LED technologies installation in ice arenas and designed and realised LED solutions for as many as 40 sport objects, continuously developing and improving their technologies.