Borisov Arena, Belarus | PALAMI Group

Borisov Arena, Belarus

PALAMI Group installed the system of two full colour video boards in the size of 5.04х8.82 meters each and the pixel step of 15 mm. The new stadium of FK BATE and the system installed on its grounds fully comply with the highest requirements applied by UEFA to similar sites.

The operation of the board is controlled by the included IP-TV system, which enables broadcasting of images and relevant information both, on the board and through the television system of the stadium.
Due to the unique design of the stadium’s span, the weight and the thickness of the board had to be minimal. On this site the most recent developments of the company were used, such as the super-thin modules of Palami-SMD-Slim serious, which are in full conformity with the requirements applied to the design of the site and enable the implementation of the daring idea of the architect to create light “airy” spans over the stadium.