Azaiba Gardens, Muscat, Oman | PALAMI Group

Azaiba Gardens, Muscat, Oman

PALAMI has finished the work on multipurpose project that consists of 3 different products of PALAMI and was carried out for Azaiba Showroom in Muscat, Oman. The first stage of the project was realized with PALAMI-MediaLIGHT-50.2. The MediaLIGHT tubes were installed in a vertical direction with a total length of 364 meters.

Other products used in this project include PALAMI-MediaTUBE-50.4, that is used for two screens in the top of the building, each of screen has size 4 x 10 m. Installed at a height of more than 30 meters, both screens are clearly visible from a distance. Both screens of MediaTUBE’s have commercial purpose – to demonstrate  commercial content.

And finally, there is also lower screen installed just above the main entrance, made from PALAMI-RGB-SMD-10 (size 20 m x 2.56 m) that is used as a shop signboard, also giving information about real time and date.

This project shows how three different purpose products of PALAMI can be easily combined together and successfully complement each other. This is just one of the countless ways how PALAMI screens can work together with facade lighting to create impressive result.