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Athletics Sports Arena, Liepaja, Latvia

New athletics sports arena was build in Liepāja, Latvia. PALAMI investment there is unique, as first time in the world, system was implementer, which is working using only one sports media server. PALAMI team installed there main video LED screen, many smaller LED screens for sectors and also for basketball counter of 24 seconds together with touchscreen remote controls and server for judging and controlling the whole system.

All LED surfaces are made using modules for video screens as we believe, that technology of old video scoreboards is not beneficial as terms and conditions for different sports federations are changing often during the time. Using PALAMI systems, to be in accordance with all the legislation and terms and conditions, you have to change only the application for judging system in the server, not all the LED system.

Our solution provides possibility to control all the surfaces together and separately. Each video screen for sectors are connected via Wi-Fi to its own touchscreen remote control, from where the judge can open application for current discipline. In other sector, other judge using its remote control can open other needed application. All the operations first goes to server, from where to each screen is sent separate video signal. Actually, each LED screen is working as TV. All information, like composition of the teams, name/surname of the players, pictures is uploaded in one server and every judge using its touchscreen remote control can do the selection of the players, mark them etc. Furthermore, the main judge or operator can make a selection of the information, from which sector information goes to the main video screen. On the main screen information from the sector video screens can be duplicated, and you can stream independent information, as well prepare the sequence of the videos and materials, which should be demonstrated (adds, online streaming, repeats etc.). Also counter of 24 secs are receiving full video signal. Speaking of the remote controls, which are with touchscreen feature, each have its docking station with physical buttons, which can be used by judges without looking at the screen of remote control. As additional feature – video screens for sectors can be installed together creating one big screen, which can be used for different events, like concerts.