Arena Riga, Latvia | PALAMI Group

Arena Riga, Latvia

Arena Riga has invested in new LED system solutions that are custom designed and manufactured by PALAMI which includes two digital scoreboards and a long LED line almost around the whole arena, as well universal controlling judging console and media mixer. The last stage of the project was installation of the media cube, the central object of the arena.

All LED screens contain the latest SMD LED technology, they are lightweight and very easy to install and are made in full compliance with European directives and the rules of International Sports Federations of corresponding kinds of sports.

The new LED technologies provided by PALAMI include PALAMI-FlexPERIMETER-11 longer than 200 meters, two PALAMI-Slim-6 scoreboards that installed as well on both sides of the arena, as well a unique media cube with seamless design is made of 3 screen lines, each with a curved surface using product PALAMI-FLEX-6. The screen control system is able to display different images or videos on each screen and also the same image or video on all eight screens in Arena Riga. The media cube has indoor specification and its screen displays to all four sides with rounded corners that make it possible to see the screen from any place in the arena. Front maintenance that is provided with special magnets makes it easy to access the screen inside without a need to remove all of the construction. 

The goal of the new LED solutions is to provide the audience a world class experience with higher resolution, larger viewing area and visible effects in 360-degrees. The products comply with the newest World sports federation regulations therefore they can be used in any sports event in many years to come.

Arena Riga's partnership with PALAMI has started as far back as year 2010 when PALAMI installed a HockeyBOARD screen that is still in full working order there. The cooperation with Arena Riga will be continued with installation of lighting system in the next few months to surprise and give unique experience to the fans through the latest LED technologies.