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Our projects

01 Large Screen in Riga Center, Latvia

The largest LED screen in the streets of Riga, Latvia PALAMI-FRONT-16 has area of more than 110 square meters and is wall mounted in one of the most crowded junctions of Riga.

Large Screen in Riga Center, Latvia

02 Shopping Mall Viru Keskus, Tallinn, Estonia

In January 2017 a large scale project of PALAMI-MediaWINDOW-20 was implemented in a cooperation with Hansab AS. The next generation glass screen was installed on a three-story elevator in Viru Keskus Shopping Centre, which has the largest number of visitors in Estonia. We are more than proud to announce it, as it is first this type of project in the whole world, which really works! 

Shopping Mall Viru Keskus, Tallinn, Estonia

03 Office Building KAI 1, Tallinn, Estonia

PALAMI Group has finished large scale project in Tallinn, Estonia- media facade for 6th floor office building. LED screen total area 1900m2. It is made from PALAMI-MediaTUBE-50.2. 

PALAMI patented technology of data transmission and power supply enables to show on this media facade elements, which can be displayed only with LEDs. There is not a single control unit, power supply unit, signal distribution unit etc. located on the facade of the building. The PALAMI-MediaTUBE product represents light weight and simplicity of montage elements as well as transparency against the windows.

Office Building KAI 1, Tallinn, Estonia

04 Arena Riga, Latvia

Arena Riga has invested in new LED system solutions that are custom designed and manufactured by PALAMI which includes two digital scoreboards and a long LED line almost around the whole arena, as well universal controlling judging console and media mixer. The last stage of the project was installation of the media cube, the central object of the arena.

All LED screens contain the latest SMD LED technology, they are lightweight and very easy to install and are made in full compliance with European directives and the rules of International Sports Federations of corresponding kinds of sports.

Arena Riga, Latvia

05 Environmental Art Object Goda Varti, Riga, Latvia

Environmental Art Object „Goda Varti” („The Gate of Honor”) are dedicated to Latvia’s 100th Birthday.

The object is made of PALAMI LED panels that are connected in several planes, creating a three-dimensional object. This is a first project as an environmental art object for PALAMI and it has been both a big challenge and honor for us to turn the artists ideas into reality.

Environmental Art Object Goda Varti, Riga, Latvia

06 Minsk Arena, Belarus

PALAMI Group developed, manufactured and installed a unique multimedia system for information display at a pilot arena of Belarus sports MKSK Minsk Arena.The video information complex of MKSK Minsk Arena includes a full colour octahedral media cube, two full colour side information boards, round full colour running line under the media cube and a full colour light-emitting diode advertising line along the viewing stand around the perimeter of the main arena. The system includes also two side information boards and LED advertising line. Full colour light-emitting diode advertising line (advertisement line) along the perimeter of the stands of the main arena is a complete repetition of the round stand shape, has no angles or clearances between the modules.

Minsk Arena, Belarus

07 Screens in Riga, Latvia

PALAMI has produced and installed several screens in Riga, Latvia all from PALAMI-FRONT series in cooperation with Visual Media Group agency. The screens are demonstrating commercial content. All screens have the newest SMD outdoor technology with front maintenance as they are mounted on a building facades or pillars. The high brightness and resolution of the screens video content makes it even more noticeable and eye-catching.

Screens in Riga, Latvia

08 Shopping Mall Spice, Riga, Latvia

Shopping centre “Spice” in Riga, Latvia has decided to install three high definition screens to improve the shopping centre environment and to reach their consumers at a greater extent. In order to accomplish this, they had decided in favour of PALAMI products, which had reached all the technical requirements from the shopping centre. Shopping centre “Spice” is the most advanced shopping mall in Latvia at the moment when it comes to advertising environment.

Shopping Mall Spice, Riga, Latvia

09 Hotel Complex Facade, Belarus

PALAMI has implemented another design project for facades, this time on hotel and casino complex in Republic of Belarus using our innovative product PALAMI-MediaTUBE. Building is located in Republic of Belarus, on 608 km of motorway No. M1/E30 Brest-Minsk-border with Russian Federation.

Hotel Complex Facade, Belarus

10 Shopping Mall Spice Home, Riga, Latvia

In continuous successful collaboration with SPICE shopping mall a new project was implemented - media screen made of PALAMI-MediaTUBE product was installed on the facade of SPICE HOME building. The screen is almost 60 m2 in size and is used for commercial purpose. The used pixel pitch is 25mm (vertically) and 50 mm (horizontally) ensures perfect image visibility from already 25 meters, there are no gaps visible between the tubes. 

Shopping Mall Spice Home, Riga, Latvia

11 Kaunas terminal, Lithuania

PALAMI screens were produced, delivered and installed to Kaunas, the second largest city of Lithuania in a cooperation with HANSAB UAB. Kaunas terminal is the largest terminal in the entire country – it has twice as much passengers as Vilnius terminal – at about 10 000 every day. Within the framework of Kaunas terminal’s reconstruction two different screen designs of PALAMI were installed – PALAMI-DoubleScreen-4.81 and PALAMI-SlimFIXED-15, both of them on the outside of the terminal building.

Kaunas terminal, Lithuania

12 Azaiba Gardens, Muscat, Oman

PALAMI has just finished the work on multipurpose project that consists of 3 different products of PALAMI and was carried out for Azaiba Showroom in Muscat, Oman. The first stage of the project was realized with PALAMI-MediaLIGHT-50.2. The MediaLIGHT tubes were installed in a vertical direction with a total length of 364 meters.

Azaiba Gardens, Muscat, Oman

13 United National Bank, Cairo, Egypt

The building’s Media Facade has brought together many modern solutions, becoming the first innovative design facade in Cairo. In addition to the unique architectonic elements and photovoltaic facade system, transparent LED display and innovative lighting system have been also installed. The products used in project are PALAMI-MediaLIGHT-25.2 for lighting lines (total number of lines is 28 in total length of 1040 meters) and PALAMI-MediaTUBE-50.2 for media screen (screen size is 8.8 m x 6.2 m, total 54.56 sqm). The longest line of PALAMI-MediaLIGHT has reached 36800 mm.

United National Bank, Cairo, Egypt

14 Innopolis Technocenter, Kazan, Russia

INNOPOLIS TECHNOCENTER is IT capital built for innovative future and we are proud to be part of its development. We used 3660 meters PALAMI-MediaLIGHT-50.2 to complete this project. 12 lines total, 305 meters long with our innovative patented tubes just gave added value to Innopolis city. 

Innopolis Technocenter, Kazan, Russia

15 Football Federation Stadium, Vilnius, Lithuania

A new generation screen of PALAMI has been developed, pole mounted and installed at Lithuanian Football Federation Stadium in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania in collaboration with HANSAB UAB. The screen itself is 11,75 square meters large with no seems between the panels, the thickness is only 6 cm and it has 8000 nits brightness with mounted SMD diodes allowing the image to be visible and bright even in very sunny day. Moreover it has a wider viewing angle and it consumes less power in comparison with standard screens. 

Football Federation Stadium, Vilnius, Lithuania