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PALAMI-MediaCAP is one of the newest product by PALAMI by now. It is a LED product used for architectural and artistic lighting for buildings. The construction of PALAMI-MediaCAP is carried out using outer facade glazing and LED parts are integrated between the glass panels' joints.

There is no need to manifacture and install the steel constructions or other fastening elements to use PALAMI-MediaCAP product. It is very easy to integrate the product into usual building scheme and it does not violate the appearance of the facade's glazing.

At night PALAMI-MediaCAP allows to emphasize architectural and artistic importance of the building, by making the facade into a whole LED screen.
The control system of PALAMI-MediaCAP not only can change the color scheme, but also play full video information – like graphics, floating objects etc., as well as advertising and other videos with logos in sufficient resolution.

Some benefits


Night time visibility


Low energy consumption


Solution does not change the architectural conception

Download pdf technical specification