SolarTREE | PALAMI Group


The solar tree blends art and solar energy technology in a sculptural expression. They are both artistic and functional clean energy machines and can be placed in green areas, including parks, children’s outdoor playgrounds, and athletic fields.


PALAMI Green Energy is developing solar-powered architectural installation - solar tree. It is great solution for smart and sustainable cities.

Just few interesting things:

  • Aesthetic & architectural design specially made for city parks and alleys
  • Equiped with integrated lighting
  • Integrated battery system
  • Built-in PIR controller & auto-dimming
  • Can be equiped with WiFi spot and remote managment system
  • Can be equiped with various sensors – IoT ready
  • Available grid connected and off-grid solution
  • Weather and vandal-proof
  • Ready for smartCITY solutions

All product charasteristics and built-in systems can be customized!

Some benefits


Makes your area smart and future-proof


Clean & green energy


Fast and easy installation


Possibility to build independent off-grid systems


Could dramatically reduce the amount of land needed to develop solar parks


New technologies ready for smartCITY solutions