Solar car parking canopies are efficient way to use wisely large parking areas and gain extra benefits from them. Placing the solar panels on the rooftop of the carports will not only decorate them and generate electricity, but also will cover parked cars from direct sunlight and weather impact.

The electricity produced by solar panels can be used to supply parking infrastructure, buildings or it could be sold back to the city grid.

Through the innovative integration of three technologies, solar PV, battery storage and electric vehicle charge-points, we are turning car parks into power stations and EV hubs

Our products key features are:

  • Preserve the usefulness of the ground
  • Standard universal mounting rails to fit the most of available photovoltaics panels on the market
  • Can generate great amount of electricity
  • Up to 3100kWh annual production per 1 car parking lot
  • Reduce maintenance cost to the parking spot
  • Protects against rising electricity rates in the future
  • Sunshade & protect your vehicles
  • Possible to equip with built-in battery storage systems
  • Possible to equip with EV charging systems
  • Available grid connected and off-grid solutions
  • Available designs for small carports for 1 or 2 cars

Our innovative integrated solar carport solutions can reduce customer energy costs, provide premium car parking facilities and offer revenue generation opportunities from charging infrastructure, advertising and electricity grid services with a renewable energy source.

Some benefits


Possibility to build independent off-grid systems


Less maintenance needed campared to conventional street lighting systems


Energy saving and cost reducing


Cost savings can also enable municipalities to expand street lighting to additional areas, increasing access to lighting in low-income and other underserved areas


Affordable and clean energy


Fast and easy installation