Bike commuting and bicycle tourism are growing trends among all the world and solar bike racks can be an answer to a Greener Future. They can combine modern architectural forms, advanced solar technologies, integrated LEDs and advanced network solutions to decorate the landscape and provide secure bicycle parking for public spaces of all kinds.

There are three major concerns - space optimization, safety and independece from grid are easily alleviated by solar-powered bike racks. 

Our bike racks will help your business or public area to become more bike friendly and attract more cyclists and are a part of the effort to “green transportation". They can be set up with remote control systems, apps, card managment systems and other innovative solutio.

Some things you need to know about our product:

  • Mount designed specialy for rental or parked bikes
  • Integrated battery system
  • Optionally can be equiped with charging bay for electrical bicycles
  • Can be equiped with WiFi spot and remote managment system
  • Can be equiped with info screen and cash / card payment machine
  • Can be equiped with various sensors – IoT ready
  • Available grid connected and off-grid solution
  • Weather and vandal-proof
  • Ready for smartCITY solutions

All product charasteristics and built-in systems can be customized!

Some benefits


Increase parking capacity at little cost and optimize space


Safe and comfortable bike keeping solution


Possibility to build independent off-grid systems


The solar-powered electricity can be used to run smart signage and other nearby infrastructure


New technologies ready for smartCITY solutions


Fast and easy installation