Street lights will play a key role in the future of smart cities and usually lighting is one of the most expensive responsibility of a modern city government.

Energy demand for local street lighting can reach 15–38% of the total energy consumption in typical cities. Energy-efficient technologies and design can significantly reduce street lighting costs - often by 30-60%.

PALAMI offers one of these innovative technologies to achieve urban energy efficiency goal – LED Solar Lighting systems. PALAMI solar lighting systems generate their own energy and can be controlled wirelessly, making cabling obsolete. 

Our products key features are:

  • 3 different design series with 2 to 5 available models in each
  • Power from 10W up to 50W
  • Brightness from 1100lm to 5500lm
  • proven LED chips like CREE, LG, EPISTAR
  • Integrated (for AIO models) or attached monocrystaline solar panels
  • Easy mounting solutions for different poles
  • Built-in battery storage system
  • Built-in PIR motion sensor, controller & auto-dimming
  • Up to 8h working time at 100% brightness
  • Up to 40h working time at 25% brightness
  • Available grid connected and off-grid solutions

Some benefits


Possibility to build independent off-grid systems


Less maintenance needed campared to conventional street lighting systems


Energy saving and cost reducing


Cost savings can also enable municipalities to expand street lighting to additional areas, increasing access to lighting in low-income and other underserved areas


Affordable and clean energy


Fast and easy installation