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Buildings represent up to 35% of total energy consumption. This means that buildings can become a major force in energy consumption reducing too.

But there is one problem... We noticed that often major reason to abandon switching to renewable energy is caused to low aestetic appeal of common panels.

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) let architects and engineers combine the best of both worlds: they meet all the modern standards in design and also generate clean energy.

PALAMI offer a range of BIPV panels that can be blended beautifully with building architecture, façades, canopy, balcony, windows, car parkings, rooftops, etc. 

Each project is unique for us and our partners. We are flexible in ideas and solutions :

  • Crystaline or thin-film technology
  • Custom panel and cell shapes and sizes
  • Non-transparent or semi-transparent panels
  • Custom cover glass colours and textures

We follow up to PV market news, insights and trends and it gives us an opportunity to innovate and build custom solutions to meet our customer and their site specific requirements.

Some benefits


Way to lower CO2 emission of your building


These products increase your building’s energy perfomance and cost-efficiency


Green energy systems and technologies increase your building value


You can minimize your operational-costs to zero and gain profit from produced energy surplus


«High-tech» solution with return on investments


Finally – you get free and clean energy from nature