With electricity costs are constantly on the rise, many businesses are turning to solar technology because it can help them to reduce their energy bills and earn an extra income. 

The majority of industrial buildings are distinguished by vaste roof spaces they have, which provides a perfect setting for commercial Solar PV installations. The potential for a large installation on an industrial roof can provide significant energy savings, which is a wise business decision for anyone. Solar panel systems for commercial buildings are now more affordable and a great way to produce an extra source of income.

PALAMI offers a range of special solutions especially created for commercial:

  • Crystalline and thin film panels
  • Rooftop mounting systems and racks
  • Battery storage systems and inverters
  • Power managment solutions
  • Also we offer various BIPV solutions when aestetic appeal is highly needed

Solar PV can offer an investment with a simple payback of between 6 to 12 years. The payback period depends on site electricity consumption and the retail price of electricity both now and anticipated in the future.

Some benefits


Way to lower CO2 emission of your building


Minimize your operational-costs to zero and gain profit from produced energy surplus


Efficient usage of unused rooftop area to produce energy


Low maintenance costs


Tax reliefs and subsidies from local governments


Green energy systems and technologies increase your building value

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